Over the years, and by developing contacts, with a wide and varied range of clients, youth has blendes with experience, and at this point "Simbotin Remus " Law Office - Brasov has a diversified portofolio and offers legat advice, assistance and representation in court or outside it, both to natural and legal persons.
Legal advice and application
All activities of the Simbotin Remus and Law Office - Brasov are carried on according tot the content of the lawyers professional activity, governed by Law 51/1995 and updated by the status of the profession of lawyer.
According to article 89. of the Regulation, Legal advice can be given wrtitten or verbal in areas of interest for the client, like:
a) drafting and / or providing a client, by any means, as appropriate, legal opinions and information regarding the requested issues
b) drafting legal opinions
c) drafting legal documents (contracts, conventions, statutes, etc..) and assisting clients in negotiations
d) drafting normative acts
e) participation as a consultant to the activity of deliberative bodies of a legal person under the conditions of law
f) any other legal advice
According to art. 90 of the Law, the lawyer may prepare and submit on behalf and / or interest of the client, requests, notices, statements or petitions to the authorities and institutions and others to preserve and protect the rights and legitimate interests of his client.

Assistance and Legal Representation
Legal assistance and representation includes all documents, facilities and operations allowed by law, necessary for protecting and defending the interests of the client.
The assistance and representation of clients can be ensured in front of Courts, criminal investigaton departments, authorities with jurisdictional powers, Public Notaries and Bailiffs, public administration departments, institutions and other legal entities in the purpose of defense and representation by means of specific legal rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of persons.

Drafting legal documents and legal actions
Our law office offers the following services:
In matters of civil law:
• Creating contracts/civil acts (rental, sale and purchase, loan, commission, maintenance contracts, perpetuity etc.);
• Creating the means for realization of rights, actions in finding and actions in making of rights;
• Creating economic and non-property shares;
• Drafting letters and statements towards State Authorities or natural or juridical persons;
• Analysis of legal documents and contracts prior to their registration;
• Providing a certain date, for certification of parts and content of documents and legal contracts;

In matters of civil law:
• Drafting contracts/commercial documents (documents for company foundation, addenda to the statute, provisions for setting up associations and foundations, service contracts, transfer agreements, orders for payment, notifications, etc);
• Creating legal contracts/documents regarding the rights for industrial property (brand transfer agreements, license agreements, for the use of geographical marks or indications, mandate contracts etc.);
• Drafting letters and statements towards State Authorities or physical or juridical persons;
• Analysis of legal documents and contracts prior to their registration;
• Providing a certain date, for certification of parts and content of documents and legal contracts;

In matters of criminal law:
• Drafting letters and statements towards State Authorities or physical or juridical persons;
• Drafting criminal complaints of crimes against the person, crimes against dignity, against property, public property, crimes against authority, against public interest activities or other activities regulated by the law, crimes of counterfeiting, crimes against an established regime for certain economic activities, money laundering, human traffiking, crimes of corruption, illicit drug traffic and consumption, tax evasion, organized crime and cybercrime, pornography and other special laws.
• Drafting complaints against the measures and acts of criminal proceedings;
• Drafting requests regarding law and judicial rehabilitation, interruption and postponement of the prison sentence, appeals against the execution of a sentence, reviews, appeals for annulment.

Mediation activities
Mediation gives you the opportunity to resolve all existing misunderstandings with the person you are in conflict with and to prevent the emergence of other. The mediator, the person trained in conflict resolution, is that who through neutrality, impartiality and confidentiality helps you succeed. Accepting mediation you solve a conflict in the shortest time, reducing the inherent stress during a trial, and last but not least save money (stamp duty fee, attorney and expert fees, etc).
In comparison with a classical trial in front of a court, mediation is much faster and cheaper, virtually, you can solve your problem yourself in just one session of mediation, theoretically even in one day, or a few hours. The parties at the mediation are not enemies, but people who try together to find a solution to their problem.

Fiduciary activities
Fiduciary activities performed by lawyers may consist in:
a) receiving in storage, on behalf of the client, financial funds and goods, resulted from the recovery of enforcements after the completion of a dispute, of a mediation, inheritance procedures or the liquidation of assets;
b) placing and developing, on behalf of the client, of financial funds and entrusted property;
c) administration, on behalf of the client, of the funds or values in which they were placed.
In exercising fiduciary activities, the lawyer has to:
a) meet the exact deadline of the entrusted term, particularly stipulated in the concluded legal assistance contract. When the mandate has the authority to decide funds, goods or values or to alienate the goods of the customer, the attorney may proceed to conduct such operations, only if this is expressly stipulated in the mandate or, in the absence of such a clause, only after he will be specifically authorized in writing by the client;
b) act in good faith, professionalism and with diligence of a good owner, without deviating from the rules specific to his profession;
c) administrate the entrusted affairs exclusively in the best interest of the client;
d) not to influence the customer, directly or indirectly, in order to get his own benefit, outside the lawyer's fee.
e) properly and promptly inform the client regarding the execution of the fiduciary mandate and the results obtained.