To assist your needs, "Simbotin Remus " Law Office - Brasov has established partnerships with public notaries, bailiffs, offices of experts from variosu fields of activity and other independent professioals.

Cornel Toma Tereaca Legal Executor Office
Iuliu Maniu street. nb. 68 bl.3, sc. B, ap.3, Brasov
Tel/Fax: 0268/419.122 Mobile: 0722/559.193
Pana Stefan Notary Office
15 Noiembrie Boulevardnb.75, sc.A ap.3, Brasov
Tel/Fax: 0268/322.977
Hoparteanu Ion
Engenieer Real Estate Expert Evaluator, Enterprise and Real Mobile
Cosmos street, nb.10, bl. 18, sc. B,ap. 6, Brasov
Tel: 0368/435.160 Mobile: 0745/116.847
Marcu Gheorghe - Autorized expert forensic jurist
Consultanta criminalistica si executie in expertiza grafica si tehnica a
documentelor, expertiza traseologica, expertiza balistica, expertiza dactiloscopica.
Tel: 0368/802.879 Mobile:0721/526.101, 0741/655.597